Arrow 2×20: Seeing Red in a Sea of Confusion

Joe shortly reviews Arrow’s most insane episode to date.

Shield 1×18: Next Stop..Providence.

Joe and Kris Car-cast about the aftermath episode of the events of the Marvel Universe. As well as Coulson’s problem with eye batting.

Arrow 2×19: The Man under the Hood needs to Man Up.

Joe review/eviscerates the newest episode of Arrow. Shield spoilers and a ton of frustration.


Shield 1×17: Wheel of Destiny…Turn, Turn, Turn.

Kris and Joe Car-Cast about the explosive game changing episode of Shield. Massive Winter Soldier and Joss Whedon show spoilers.


Captain America: Winter Soldier Review

Joe and Kris car-cast about the newest Marvel movie. Massive, Massive spoilers for Shield and future Marvel films.

Shield 1×16: The End of the Beginning or The Beginning of the Middle?

Joe and Kris Car-cast about the official prequel to Captain America: Winter Soldier. This is a must see.


Enter Deathstroke. Exit Common Sense.

Joe reviews Arrow’s inevitable good is dumb episode.